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Here I am visiting Cannes. For you who don't know about Cannes, it is a city in the South of France. Cannes is famous for their yearly movie festival that showcase movies and actors from across the globe. If you happen to be in Cannes during the film festival you will sure to see a lot of movie stars.

My Family
My Family consists of a Father, a mother and my older sister. My father owns quite some property in England which we rent out to farmers and people involved in agriculture. My father also owns two factories in France where he met my mother. My mother's job is being a mother. She's my role model and best friend. My older sister Lydia is married and involved in helping my father run his business.

Other Stuff I am involved in
I am also an advocate for the fight against famine and harsh environment. I beleive that it our duty to help out people who are less fortunate than us. I belive in this so strongly that I am a member for Unicef. Unicef is a great organization for helping children in unlucky circumstances survive.

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